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How can my company support HYPE? 2014-03-13T15:53:42+00:00

By becoming a HYPE sponsor. Being a HYPE sponsor puts your company in front of the Houston area’s growing YP community. Your support is key in building a successful program that allows us provide quality programming for our members.

What events does HYPE host? 2015-07-27T13:22:00+00:00

Thought Leaders Breakfast with Board Members of Greater Houston Partnership
Insight into how Greater Houston Partnership impacts the Houston region
Leadership and Professional Development seminars
Business networking happy hours for young professionals and the Houston community
Volunteer service opportunities

What does it mean to be a member of HYPE? 2014-03-13T15:50:41+00:00

Members of HYPE have access to: Houston’s top business leaders and entrepreneurs, unique event locations, exclusive leadership opportunities, and a diversified young professional network.

How much time is involved? 2014-03-13T15:50:04+00:00

As much or as little as you’d like. HYPE is an organization where you get what you give.

How do I get involved in HYPE? 2017-05-30T10:13:37+00:00

Visit houston.org/hype and sign up! After signing up, you can serve on a subcommittee, attend events, contribute to our community service efforts, follow and promote HYPE through social media, and spread the word to your friends and colleagues.

What is the Greater Houston Partnership, and what is the connection to HYPE? 2014-03-13T15:47:38+00:00

GHP is the product of a merger between the Houston Chamber of Commerce, the Houston Economic Development Corporation, and the Houston World Trade Center. Today, GHP is the most influential member-driven business organization serving the region’s enterprises. GHP has programs that help develop area revenue while creating jobs, influencing government policy, and building the region’s economy. HYPE is a program of the GHP.

Do I have to be a member of GHP to be a member of HYPE? 2014-03-13T15:46:49+00:00

GHP membership is not required, however, the purpose of HYPE is to allow exclusive access to Houston’s top leaders, many of whom are members of the GHP. We suggest you investigate GHP membership as another growth opportunity.

Is there a cost for membership? 2014-03-13T15:46:06+00:00

No, HYPE membership is complimentary.

What are HYPE’s goals? 2014-03-13T15:45:26+00:00

To create unique professional development events, encourage community involvement by providing a variety of service opportunities, engage Houston’s business elite in various programs, and contribute to the growth of Houston’ future business leaders.

What is HYPE’s purpose? 2014-03-13T15:44:40+00:00

HYPE is designed to provide an atmosphere for young professionals to expand their business network and advance their careers while contributing their time and talent to the Greater Houston Partnership mission. By offering continuing education and professional development opportunities, HYPE provides its members with the tools to be successful business leaders. Through this group, the GHP is investing in the future retention and growth of our members.