Why Houston?

Why Houston? Why Houston? If you're a native, you already know the answer - but what about those who have yet to experience the HYPE of Houston. Houston is the most diverse city in America. Houston is fun and affordable. Houston is a city with no limits.

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Houston Ranks Third on List for New Grads

Houston ranks third on a new list of the most desirable places in the U.S. for new grads to set up shop. and determined the list by looking at the mean entry level income, average rent for a one-bedroom apartment, proximity to postgraduate programs and social opportunities, as well as unemployment rates and [...]

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Houston: The City With No Limits Campaign Launches

Greater Houston Partnership unveiled its new community image campaign on June 3.  A primary focus of the campaign is attracting and retaining top young professional talent.  The campaign highlights the limitless opportunities and quality of life the region offers.  A new website, The City With No Limits, provides information about neighborhoods, restaurants, real Houstonian profiles, [...]

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